Three home Improvement and remodeling Ideas that increase home value

homeinterioradvicesMany people will want to make home improvements that help to increase the value of their home. Often although a home improvement may please the owner, they may have little or no value to a buyer. To avoid this trap, here are 3 home improvement and remodeling ideas that increase home value.

Remodeling the kitchen – Most people consider the kitchen, the heart of the home. Your home improvement should update your kitchen, but should never upstage the rest of the house. This is mainly because you don’t want future buyers saying that they thought that the house was average but the kitchen was outstanding and therefore don’t want to invest. Opt to give your kitchen cupboards a new coat of paint and look to invest in energy efficient appliances.

An additional bathroom – If your home has only one bathroom, you should consider adding another one. To find space, look at underutilized spaces in your rooms, under a staircase or a closet. If you want a half bath, you will need at least 18 square feet. For a full bath, you will need at least 35 square feet. Look for bath items on sale at Lowe’s and Home depot, for great prices on tubs, doors, toilets, and fixtures.

Reinventing a room – You can affordably reinvent a space by finishing your basement or by converting your attic into a bedroom. You could also add a small apartment over your garage, which can be then rented out.