The do’s and don’t of decorating

homeinterioradvices-novPlanning your decorating space is a good way to help you avoid costly mistakes and help create a space that has good energy flow. Here are some tips the professionals consider the dos and don’ts of decorating.

Be brave – Most often you will not find the furniture you want in one single location. Therefore, you will have to mix and match your pieces to achieve your entire look. The key here is to make sure that each piece is of excellent quality.

Avoid harsh lighting – Harsh lighting will highlight mistakes like scrapes, cracks, and stains. To give your space a gold glow, invest in lighting that is warm and inviting.

Avoid feature walls – Feature walls are dated and give your homeless flexibility since you can’t block your feature wall with furniture. If you want to change your walls use wallpaper all over a space or on one entire wall. This will give you the flexibility to change your furniture or the wall’s design whenever you please.

Work with three colors for each room – Three colors gives a room enough interest without making it look boring or plain. Look at a base color that is neutral and two accent colors.

Invest in antiques – Antiques are great investments, but remember to visit your antique stores regularly to avoid missing out on great finds.

Spend on a sofa – Invest in a good quality sofa that is comfortable, spacious and one that matches your lifestyle.