Seven ways to make the most of your existing storage cabinets

Article Written by : WA Paint

Adding extra storage can be expensive. However, with the ever-increasing need for more storage space, increase your capacity with the following tips.

Go for store-bought inserts – Inserts can be purchased in many homeware stores and will add drawers and shelving to your current storage.

Less used items – Less used items can be placed on top cabinets, which will save space for your everyday items.

Poor lighting – Bad lighting can make it hard to find items and make you feel that the space is less usable. Change this by adding light underneath cabinets to brighten tabletops.

Outside surfaces – Outside surfaces of cupboards are usually unused. Add hooks and hang items that are often in use.

Insides of cabinets – You can also increase the space inside your cabinets by adding hooks on the inside, which will let you hang items on your cupboard doors and on the sides.

Exterior open shelving – Open shelving can be bought from any home ware store and can be easily assembled. Use this sort of shelving to place items like plates, mugs, and dishes. This will not only add space but will also add architectural interest that will make your kitchen look personalized.

Reorganize – This is a great way to give your cabinets another look and place things in easy to reach places. It is also a good opportunity to give things away.