Benefits to Private Mediation for Settling Construction Disputes

It’s difficult to come to an amicable agreement on a construction dispute on your own, say the experts at Lyle Charles Consulting. Unfortunately, too many people think the only alternative to giving up is to take a dispute to court. If you are willing to try an alternative, you may find that private mediation will be more beneficial to both parties.

Construction mediation is a common step that is taken by many in the industry. Mediation allows both parties to meet with a neutral mediator and work out their issues without going to court. While the agreements made in mediation are binding, the solutions don’t have to match the remedies offered by law. This allows both parties to come up with creative solutions that will solve the needs of all involved. Going to mediation before going to court is a fantastic way to save everyone money and solve your problems. Perhaps best of all, there’s no requirement that you come to an agreement in mediation – if you feel like it isn’t working, you can walk away whenever you like.

Make sure to consider mediation as your first choice. If you are working with a company in construction consulting, insist on mediation before you begin the process of going to court. Whether you feel you can solve your issue amicably or not, taking the time to go through the mediation process will allow you a chance to bypass a backed-up court system and find a the kind of solution for which you are looking.