How a Quality Safe is Built

amsec-safeWhen purchasing a safe, it becomes apparent very quickly that there are many options. The differences in quality and price can be considerable. What makes one safe higher in quality than another? Why makes ISM safes more desirable than the typical gun safe found in a sporting goods outlet?

Thicker steel is used in quality safes. All else being equal, the thickness of the steel used in the safe construction determines the security level of the safe. Quality steel isn’t light nor cheap. This is one reason quality safes can be more expensive.

A high-quality safe will address all six sides of the safe. While many safes provide impressive protection at the door and door face, the top, bottom, and sides are largely ignored. This also adds additional expense and weight.

A quality safe will have a performance rating. For example, a TRTL30x6 safe has a 30-minute torch and tool-resistance rating for all six sides of the safe. These ratings are based on a safe’s ability to provide protection against various forms of attack.

Quality-built safes also provide a higher level of heat and fire resistance. If you’re interested in protecting heat-sensitive documents, photos, or other delicate items, fire resistance ratings are an important consideration.

There are many manufacturers of high quality safes. AMSEC safes are one example; there are many others. Choose a safe with the level of quality you require for your application.

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