How to care for your washer and dryer


Most busy homes can’t function without their washer and dryer. Therefore it is important to ensure that these costly machines are taken care of all year around. Here are a few tips to make sure your washer and dryer work efficiently;

Before/after every load.

Clean your lint filter.

Clean washer’s door and seal. If you have a top loader, open the door for air circulation and to reduce mould.

Place your machine on a flat leveled floor.

Assess your load and only use the right amount of detergent for your load. This will ensure efficient washing with less residue.

Don’t leave your laundry in the machine for longer than 30min, once a wash is complete. Wet laundry left in a machine can cause mildew to build up.

Every month

Check your dryers exhaust duct. You should be looking for crimps, bends and obstructions.

Check the hoses in your washing machine. Any cracks or leaks, could cause water to flood your laundry.

Make a solution of equal parts water and vinegar. Use this to clean the rubber seals of your washer and dryer.

For front loader machines, consult your user manual and clean your drain pump filter.

Once a year

Clean your lint filter with detergent. This will remove any chemical residue from the filter.

Check your machine for any scraps that can cause corrosion. Touch up any scraps with some paint.

Clean your exhaust duct line. A clogged duct line is a fire hazard.