How to Stuff a Cushion

How-to-Stuff-a-CushionOnce you’ve placed your order for custom foam cushions, you’ll probably be wondering how you’re going to get the foam into the cushion cover and make it look proper and prepared for guests. No worries—here’s a quick guide to stuffing cushions all on your own.

Take your cushion cover, make sure it’s clean, dry, and completely empty of debris or any mold. Open it up and spread it out on a flat surface. Then, take the cushion filling and fold it together long ways with the crease on the inside of the fold. Slide it into the cover. Once it’s all the way in place, release the foam and it should fill the cover on its own for the most part.

To make the cover of your new cushions nice and smooth, you’ll want to line the seams of the cover up with the edges of the foam. You can easily do this by rubbing the cover into place and fluffing the foam as necessary until it fits the cut perfectly.

Remember, if you have a cushion with an odd shape, like L-shaped sofa cushions or T-shaped seat cushions, this is no problem because you can have foam cut to your exact specifications. Even if the foam looks slightly large, this can work to your benefit—you’d rather have the cushion look plump instead of saggy, and this will make it easier to get the cover to fit.