A Guide on Replacing Your Outdoor Seat Cushions

A Guide on Replacing Your Outdoor Seat CushionsIf your patio seats are starting to look flat and outdated, instead of purchasing new pieces, why not replace the smaller, more essential, pieces instead? Here is a basic rundown on what you should keep an eye out for when it’s time to do the dirty work.


The materials on your outdoor seats might all look the same, but it’s important that you categorize them and separate them based on what they’re made out of in order to maximize your investment. Cheap materials will lead to mildew and mold growth along with fading and discoloration. Some of the most popular covers that you can purchase include: cotton canvas, texteline, and vinyl.


Your outdoor foam comes in a range of different densities and comfort levels. Replacing this is important as it provides the support that you need to relax when outside.

If you’re replacing your outdoor furniture cushions by hand, make sure that you take accurate measurements as the foam you order needs to fit comfortably without it bending out of proportion and causing lumps.

Cushion Ties

Cushion ties aren’t essential, but they are convenient. Whenever you stand up or sit down, you’re going to want your cushion to stay in place and not fall all over the place. For many, organization and presentation is a key aspect for a respectable patio appearance.

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