ETO Doors Custom Department

Doors are doors, right? Wrong. A door can change the entire mood of your home or office. Grand entrances create grand expectations for your clients and for your guests, while a ho-hum entryway suggests that ‘business is usual’ for all entering the premises. And while basic doors can be painted and stained for a unique look, there’s something about a door that you designed that only works with your home.

And that’s where the ETO Doors custom department steps in. For the last six years, ETO Doors has maintained its own in-house custom door department, which boasts more than 40 years of combined millwork experience. Custom specialties include hand carving, small and extra large doors, custom jambs, arches, and side-lites. Clients are asked to email or fax a picture of their dream door to the sales team, who will in turn work directly with the Custom department manager to determine the feasibility of creating the desired creation.

If you have a commercial project, the Custom department is a perfect solution for those unusual door sizes or gates. ETO has provided custom work for the hospitality industry throughout the U.S., including the design and manufacture of a custom woven wooden gate for an exclusive spa on Oahu, Hawaii.

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