3 Green Home Improvements that are Good for Your Wallet

There has never been a better time for adopting ‘green housing’ concepts than now. Not only does one do his or her bit for the environment but they it also offers one benefit that works well for the time that we live. It’s good for your wallet as well!

So, here are 3 green home improvement that are good for your wallet:

#1: High Efficiency Replacement Windows

Energy efficient windows are the new way to go! It’s time to stop thinking of windows as ways to look out into your neighborhood but as a way by which you can reduce the use of energy by almost 50%.

For this, picking multiple paned windows with gas fills, low e-coatings and insulated frames can ensure that you save money with your energy bills, and which in turn, will pay for these new windows..

#2: High Efficiency Heating System

Keeping your home warm can amount to at least 35% of your expenditure on energy. One can find new and efficient furnaces and heaters that will reduce your bills by almost half. Make sure you find unit with a AFUE rating of 90 while ensuring that the installation is conducted properly.

#3: Insulate, insulate, insulate

While good heaters, air conditioners and windows can all contribute to cutting costs but all of this won’t matter if your home insulation isn’t up to speed. Some of the reasons why homes have poor insulation is because of poor windows, doors and poorly insulated attic spaces. It’s a good idea to hire the services of a professional in order to seal up the leaks and ensure you save as much as possible from your energy bills.

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