4 Maintenance Resolutions to Increase the Value and Appearance of Your Home

Improving the value of your home should be the number one priority of any homeowner apart from improving its appearance and usability and thus, preventing expensive repairs when you least expect it.

Given that we are in the New Year, here are a few ideas for resolutions that you can keep in regard to increasing the value of your home:

#1: Cleaning Up After the Holidays

As you remove the Christmas decorations, you can also get your attic and storage areas organized. Take out all of the boxes from the attic/ storage area and separate them into piles of things to be thrown away, donated or kept back. You can get rid of a number of unnecessary items every year this way.

#2: Check the Garage Door Opener

Check to see if the garage door opener is working as well as the auto-reverse feature. If the latter isn’t working, then the repair might involve something as simple as aligning the sensor on the garage door tracks.

#3: Test the Refrigerator Coils, Smoke and Carbon-Dioxide Detectors and Water Heater

Check whether your smoke and carbon-dioxide detectors require batteries or not and are in working condition. Also, whether your water heater is running efficiently without any leaks that could be caused by the malfunctioning of the heater’s pressure release valve. Vacuum your refrigerator coils so that they run more efficiently and so that your electric bill is kept in check.

#4: Check the Roof and Gutters

Check the roof and gutters throughout the winter for ice dam or icicles as they might be dangerous to people but also cause damage to both the roof, gutters and the foundation when they finally melt.

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