How to choose the best exterior colours for your home

homeinterioradvices june 2016Painting your home can transform the look and feel of your home in an instant. However, painting your own home can be expensive and time consuming, therefore choosing the right colour palette is important to avoid disappointment and a re paint. Here are a few tips on how to choose the best exterior colours for your home.

Rely on the classics – Classic american style houses look best when they are matched with tried and true colour combinations. Choose colours like warm beige paired with a bright white. To add colour and decorative accents, choose light fixtures, like lantern type fixtures to give balance and symmetry.

Pick two hues in varying brightness for accent – If you want to turn tradition on its head and are looking for a modernised look, choose from a dusty, lavender grey and a bright turquoise. Although these colours are not in the same colour scheme, the grey offers a refined base, while the turquoise gives a brighter spin.

Limit bold accents – When using bold accents, limit it to certain parts of your exterior, for example the shutters or the roofing material.

Play with primary colors – Using the primary colours, like red, yellow and blue, is not a common choice for most exteriors. However, it is one that works well, as it provides exteriors with colours that pop and are far from boring. When pairing primary shades, choose one that is neutral as the base and a bright colour as an accent.