Storing Heirlooms Safely

In order to store heirlooms safely, an investment in a proper safe is the best bet. High security safes ensure that valuables will be kept in the best possible conditions, protected from the elements, disasters, and theft.

A jewelry safe comes with various interior features to store and protect cherished heirloom jewelry. From hardwood jewelry drawers available in a variety of finishes, as well as a variety of sizes, to ultra-soft suede lined interiors, automatic LED interior lighting, and biometric fingerprint entry, options abound to provide any features desired.

Jewelry safes are the perfect solution to conveniently storing jewelry, are available to match personal tastes, and can be designed to fit other small heirloom trinkets or documents.

ISM safes are the toughest jewelry safes on the market. Some available are large enough to secure more than $10 Million. Built like a tank with extra thickness and sturdiness, these high tech safes offer unique resistance to burglary and intense heat, up to 8000 degrees for up to an hour’s time. Offered in a multitude of sizes, these safes can even withstand powerful dynamite blasts.

Depending on the model, there are two locks required to be unlocked to enter the safe. The first one is a high security mechanical lock, and the other a high security key lock. Most of these safes can also accept a time lock for additional safety.

Jewelry, guns, and other heirlooms or valuables can be secured snuggly and confidently in one of these secure safes.
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