Use Dryfast Foam to Prevent Mold

Dryfast Foam to Prevent MoldIf you’ve had patio furniture for more than a few years, and you live in an area that sees even moderate rain, you’ve probably encountered mold. Mold usually forms beneath the cushions, where the dampness lingers from a lack of exposure to the air. Without dry fast foam, this bacteria builds up. That build up can affect the respiratory system of small children, and it looks gross too.

Dryfast foam works because of the large, open cells in the foam. The cells allow water to permeate the foam efficiently, removing any opportunities for long term moisture build up. When you leave this kind of foam outside in a rain storm, it’s usually dry within 24 hours of the storm ending.

You won’t need to do anything special to dryfast foam, usually it’s enough to leave it in the sun for a few hours.

Sun damage could be a problem for cushion covers, but the not the foam itself. Over time, sunlight will eventually bleach colored fabrics. If your chair is exposed to the light, try and round up the cushions to store them when they aren’t in use. If you can’t do it every night, you’ll just need to replace the covers when the color fades. Even if you do it once a week, the lifespan of your cloth covers will improve greatly.

Dry fast also has antimicrobial properties, which is why its sometimes found in hospital beds. If you are suffering from respiratory problems while you sleep, dryfast foam may be the ideal solution for you.

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