How to get rid of mice

homeinterioradvicesKeeping mice out of your home involves sealing your home properly. This involves securing the openings of your home and making your home inhospitable for mice. You will also need to ensure your home is very clean and void of food debris. Once you have securely sealed your home, you will then be able to trap the mice currently living in your home.

To find out possible entry points, examin your home for openings or holes. Secure these entry points with wire mesh or steel wool.

Here are a few more tips to ensure your home is free from mice.

Your lawn – Keep your lawn and shrubs trim. This will prevent the mice from using your greenery as a shelter and a bridge to enter your home. Avoid growing climbing plants on your house walls. It is best to keep 2 feet of rocks or cement around your home if you are facing severe rodent problem.

Your kitchen – To keep mice away from your kitchen, ensure that mice don’t have a source of food or water. Clean your stove and fridge inside as well as underneath. Wash and store dishes daily. Avoid storing food on your counters and opt for storing them in containers in your pantry.

Traps – Before you set your traps, locate where your mice are lurking. Sweep or vacuum your home and look for droppings the following day. Once you have identified where your mice are lurking, set a few traps in these areas.