Tips on the Proper Care of Your Home Furnace

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Is your home prepared for cold weather? Depending on where you live, winter might mean freezing temperatures, rain, hail, and snow. Luckily, your home heating system is designed to keep your family warm during the winter months. But home heating systems are also expensive to run.

Is it possible to heat your home without going over your budget? The answer is yes! The key is learning the proper care of your home furnace. To make sure that your home is warm enough during the winter months, it’s important to maintain the furnace before and during winter. Proper care of your home furnace will extend the life of the unit and reduce your energy bill. Follow these tips from Your Filter Connection on how to maintain your furnace during winter.

Purchase a New Furnace Filter

A simple way to keep your furnace working properly is to change the filter on time. Ideally your furnace filter should be changed at least once a month. But depending on your home environment, you might have to change the filter more often. It’s time to change the filter if it is visibly dirty or if you can’t remember the last time you replaced it. An old, dirty filter can compromise the efficiency of a home heating system.

When shopping for a new furnace filter or a replacement Honeywell air filter, make sure to purchase it from a retailer that specializes in home filters, such as Your Filter Connection. The company offers everything from furnace filters to home air filters. It’s also important to purchase the right size and brand filter.

Monitor the Temperature

It’s easy to get carried away with the temperature, especially when it’s very cold outside. But cranking up the home heating system too high increases your energy bill and taxes the system. Instead, monitor the temperature during the day and at night. While sleeping, you don’t need your home to be any hotter than 68 to 72 degrees. Making sure the temperature is between 68 and 72 during the night will significantly reduce the bill and keep your furnace from overworking.

Use Automatic Precision Control

Automatic precision control is a fantastic feature that comes with most modern home heating systems. The purpose of this feature is to manage the appropriate amount of heat and airflow when it’s cold outside. If your furnace doesn’t come with this feature, consider upgrading to a new heating system that comes with this feature. If you have this feature, make sure to read the instructions on how to use the settings the right way.


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