3 Clear Benefits of Tuckpointing

Given that masonry chimneys and mortar walls are most exposed to harsh weather conditions, there’s every likelihood of these structures being damaged faster than others.

One reason why this can occur is because the mortar joints can give way to excessive moisture, thanks to it not only weakening the structure but also causing waterproofing issues.

This is where tuckpointing comes in handy, and which involves removing damaged mortar while replacing it with fresh mortar.

That said, there are distinct benefits with tuckpointing. Here are 3 of them :

#1: Cost-effective solution

Compared to tearing down the entire structure and rebuilding, it’s much more cost-effective to consider tuckpointing. All you have to do is hire experts who specialize in tuckpointing.

#2: Increase the value of your property

Most inspectors and surveyors usually carry out a thorough analysis of any property’s masonry to check if any future repairs might be necessary and can influence the value of one’s home. If that’s not enough, keeping the masonry in good condition (by tuckpointing) will mean that it will look more visually pleasing and which will create a good first impression with buyers or tenants.

#3: Stronger walls or chimney

Bricks and mortar can both continue to appear to be strong when they are damaged. However, just a small breach these structures can lead to a number of problems such as water seepage and the inefficient use of energy. If these structures are not attended to, the damage can worsen and much faster too especially if the brick and mortar joint are badly compromised.

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