Three Reasons to Install A Threshold with a Thermal Break Before it Gets Too Cold

Posted by: ETO Doors

A ‘thermal break’ is a term used in door world to describe a material break between two metal sections within a threshold/sill. For example, with there is a door sill/threshold made entirely of metal, the heat and cold will conduct energy from the inside out and vice versa.  For the summer months, this isn’t much of a concern; however, when the temperatures drop below freezing, a metal threshold without a thermal break could mean some frosty interior entryways.


  1. It’s An Inexpensive Fix.  Door sills/thresholds with a thermal break can range in price from $35 to upwards of $100, depending upon the material used.  But be cautioned, if you choose to go without a properly installed threshold, the winter months may have more than a chilling effect on your feet.  Excessive exposure to cold weather can damage your flooring and cause bonds and glue used to loosen.  This is particularly important if you have tile  or laminate flooring.  Installing a thermal break can mitigate the excessive ‘weather’ your flooring encounters on the inside.
  2. It’s DIY.  For most projects, a new threshold is an easy installation. You should only need a screwdriver and possibly a mallet to remove your existing threshold and then install a new one.  There are plenty of how-to videos available online that provide detailed step-by-step instructions on threshold and door installation.  If you’re completely new to the DIY world, we recommend speaking with a home improvement professional or viewing a few videos online before breaking open your tool box (or buying one).
  3. It’s an Instant Mini-Remodel.  When it comes to home improvement, even the little changes can make a big difference.  If you’re currently using a brass colored threshold, consider updating to a modern brushed aluminum or silver color.  It may also be a good time to rethink your door hardware, or even your entire door entry system.  New door installation consistently ranks as one of the highest returns  on investment for home owners.  For new doors and hardware, online is a great way to shop and have the product shipped to your home.  ETO Doors has an extensive line of exterior, interior and commercial doors, as well as door hardware.  Many of the doors are carried in-stock and can be shipped within less than a week of order placement.


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