Differences Between Regular and Impact Socket Sets

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A socket set can have many uses around the home, but choosing the right one for you depends on what you plan to do. There are basically two kinds of sockets, and both are useful in different situations. You will find that an impact socket set is perfect for work on your car, while a chrome socket set is better for work around the house. This article will explore the reasons why that is, and help you to understand the differences between these two important tools

Main Differences

A chrome socket wrench will crack under extreme torque. This is because the metal is more rigid and won’t bend under pressure. An impact socket wrench will reach its integrity threshold and deform, which saves the piece from cracking entirely. An impact set is therefore more useful in pneumatic and electronic tools. An impact wrench hooked up to a Snap-On generator can create massive amounts of torque capable of stripping the bolts from a car body. That kind of power is completely unnecessary if you’re simply building a couch or tightening the supports on a kitchen table.

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What You Need

Impact sockets are especially good for beginners because they do have such a high tolerance for torque and pressure. You can use impact sockets all over the house without harming your project. However, impact sockets are also thick or bulky to compensate for that added threshold for pressure. Many times, the set you need will come down to the workspace you have to deal with. Standard sockets are much thinner, and will fit into smaller areas with less breathing room.

You may also need to choose between standard or deep-length sockets for your set. These styles allow for a bit more flexibility in the socket, and it’s common to see a manufacturer produce both the standard and deep-length varieties in the same size.

Keep in mind that sockets aren’t just for wrench sets. A lug wrench applies the same principles behind the socket wrench, but uses a different kind of hand tool to complete the task.

Final Thoughts

Lots of people make the mistake of using a standard socket with an impact wrench. This is bad for a number of reasons. The socket will break under pressure, which can damage the parts you’re working on or yourself if you’re not careful. Impact sockets are also very durable. It’s common for the socket to degrade before the torque wrench does.

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