Sofa cushions and the outdoors

Written by Carlo Badalamenti

If there’s one thing that’s terrible outdoors, it’s cushions. You’ll find them half-dead only after a few months of leaving it outside. The main reason for this is because you’re using the wrong cushions! If you want to have cushions for your patio furniture, you should use cushions that are designed specifically for the outdoors so it wouldn’t deteriorate and get damaged right away. Cushions like dryfast foam are perfect for outdoor use precisely because their quick drying properties would make rain a thing of the past. It dries quickly so you can also clean it up a lot faster too. If your sofa cushions aren’t dryfast, it’s best that you replace them quickly before they become unusable. This way, you can put it to good use indoors so they wouldn’t be exposed to so much wear and tear. Outdoor cushions should be durable yet comfortable, and that’s precisely because it’s exposed to elements such as rain, wind, the sun, as well as fluctuating temperatures. As a matter of fact, even people can’t withstand the elements so well if they don’t have the right kind of clothing on. It’s practically the same with sofa cushions. And since you want your cushion covers to be comfortable as well, your choices of water resistant and durable covers are quite limited. Because of that, this is precisely the reason why you have to invest in really good cushions. You can wash your covers and replace them quickly, but your cushions would be trouble to dry and clean constantly.


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