Flipping the Seat Cushion and Other Spine Healthy Tips

Written by: The Foam Factory

There is a common misconception that flipping seat cushions takes pressure off the spinal cord. It is not possible to take all the weight off the spine, but what you can do is distribute it evenly.

Most spinal cord injuries are brought about by poor posture when seated; this often leads to sudden back pain. Mainly, those who spend hours sitting in an office chair or the seat of a new car experience this pain. These are injuries that can be avoided, and here are a few tips from The Foam Factory on how to do so.

You should choose an office chair with an adjustable back. This is essential as it helps to prevent an unnatural curve in the spine and reduces the urge to slouch. A footrest is another wise investment as it offers support to your feet, relaxes your body and also takes the load off the spinal cord.

In the home, you should flip loose sofa foam cushions and throw pillows regularly to provide the best support for the spinal cord. Incidentally, flipping cushions keeps them looking new for a longer duration, which helps appearance and décor and also prevents indentations brought about by body weight. A recently flipped cushion prevents a c-shaped spine, and placing a pillow behind your back to take some of the pressure off your spine is essential to all laptop or mobile phone users.

When it comes to mattresses, it’s essential that they are also flipped from time to time or replaced because at the end of the day, we depend on a good night’s rest. Flipping a mattress regularly prevents stress to pressure points on the body such as the hips. Also, your body will not form a trough shaped surface on a recently flipped mattress or a new one. Flipping your mattress every month assures even wear on both sides.

In order to maintain a healthy spinal cord, it is essential we observe and adhere to the following routines:

  • Whenever bending down to pick something up, always bend your knees
  • Follow a proper diet
  • Exercise regularly, but make sure you don’t strain your body too much or you will cause damage and pain in ligaments
  • If you work on a computer, make sure you schedule breaks every hour that last for five minutes, and spend these times doing some light stretching and walking around

These are the most common practices for maintaining a healthy spine. If you still have problems, then a chiropractor may be able to help you.

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