Putting In A New Floor

                Normal hardwood floors are usually glued on to the concrete sub-floor of your house or nailed onto existing wooden sub-floors in your home. Quality bamboo flooring is also installed in a similar way. Usually bamboo flooring is sold as planks of bamboo which could be made of several flattened sheets of bamboo pressed together or maybe shredded fibers that are woven together.

Normal Installation Procedure

                Whether it is hardwood floors or bamboo flooring, the installation process is similar. The planks of wood for the flooring is attached to the sub-floor of your home. If your subfloor is the concrete base of your house, the bamboo flooring can be glued onto it. If the sub-floor is wood, the flooring can be nailed to the wood. These two ways have been used ever since the creation of hardwood and bamboo flooring however it still poses a problem for radiant heat. As we all know, radiant heat can cause expansion of the wooden flooring, so when your room is hot, the floor can expand and if it is nailed or glued on, the expansion can destroy your floor.

The Floating Floor Technique

                The floating floor is a special technique used to install bamboo flooring in rooms that have high radiant heat. The planks are glued to each other and set floating above the sub-floor. That space in between the wood floors and the sub-floor allows space for expansion for the flooring pieces.

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