Choosing Your Investments Wisely

                Bamboo shoots are derived from universally abundant bamboo plant scattered across the globe. Bamboo, contrary to what people think, is actually a grass and not a tree. This makes bamboo easy to harvest multiple times over as it may be harvested from the same stalk, unlike its wooden counterparts that have to be replanted after each harvest. Harvesting traditional hardwood have large gaps in between as it takes roughly about 30 to 50 years for these trees to mature and reach proper hardness. Bamboos, in comparison however, take only 5 to 7 years to grow and by then, it would be mature enough to provide optimal bamboo flooring hardness. Due to their short maturity cycles, bamboos can also yield at least 20 percent more timber as compared to hardwood trees given the same forest area. Despite the fact that bamboos are not trees and that they mature so much faster than trees should not deter anyone from using this for their flooring requirements. Proper processing of bamboo shoots transforms these round hollow objects into highly durable flooring materials. Applications for this type of material are endless, depending on what you want, you may choose from different qualities. Those who prefer  to invest big for high quality flooring may opt for special bamboo flooring, whereas those with short term goals for their household or investment properties may opt for the discount bamboo flooring that comes in wholesale. In the end, it all comes down to how you want to spend your investment on.


Bamboo flooring installations can be done in various ways, either by glue or by nail. Consult your installation professional for the best possible option for your application.

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