Organizing a toddler’s room

Article written by : Amazing Interior Design Ideas

A child should be taught by their parents to become reasonably organized. The best way to do this is to create a space for your toddler to keep tidy. Here are some tips on how to create a toddler’s room.

Matching games – Since toddlers like to match items of the same color, create open containers that are color coded for blocks, cars and other toys.

Unused and outgrown items – Place items that your toddler currently uses and remove items that are unused or those that he/she has outgrown.

Your child’s size – Toys and other items should be at a height that your child can reach, this way they would be more likely to put them away.

Timer games – These games involve a timer that gives your child a minute or two to clean up their mess.

Creativity and clean up – You should include messy games as part of your child’s play but include a cleanup session at the end of each game.

Drawer bins – Drawer bins are a simple way to put things away once your child has finished playing with them.

Avoid big toy boxes – Big toy boxes are good to place a lot of items, but often children will find it difficult to find items on their own.