5 Decorating ideas for bedrooms

Decorating your bedroom is a great way to unwind and relax at the end of a long day. Here are five decorating ideas to try for your bedroom to make it unique and welcoming.

Serene retreat – Soothing colors are relaxing and calming. Look at shades like green, lavender, and cream for your walls, art, furnishings, and linen. Add a touch of glamour by adding mirrors and reflecting fixtures.

Cozy country getaway – Sunny walls, grassy rugs, and garden themed objects bring the outside indoors. Look at big floral prints that are modern yet fun and add soft touches like a curved bed and appliqued pillows to create a cozy space.

Exotic escape – Exotic spaces are a mix of chaos and serenity with tropical prints mixed with solid white. Look at adding shades like yellow to add a lighthearted warmth to your bedroom. Ethnic touches like leather can also add balance to tropical spaces.

Seaside sleep nook – If you love the water and the sky, look at bringing it into your bedroom by painting your walls a soft blue. Nautical striped bedding can be casual and relaxing. Make sure you add depth by including reed baskets and a comfortable rug.

Tailored chamber – For those who prefer a sultry, sleek style, opt for neutrals in white, black and grey. Darker walls are great for graphic framed prints that make a statement. Intimate lighting is key to creating a soft glow.