Home playground buying guide

homeinterioradvicesChildren and parents know the value of play. Creating a safe and secure environment for your child to play is important to any parent. Buying a home playground is a great way to keep your child close and ensure that they have a fun filled day of play. When buying a home playground follow the tips below to get the most out of your play area.

Shop for a playground equipment that suits your space, your budget and holds your child’s interests.

Choose a kit that can add additional accessories as your child grows. For example, swings, slides, towers, ladders and sandboxes.

Playground kits are pretty simple to assemble, but some kits will need you to provide the lumber and fasteners.

To do the construction yourself, you will need a standard tool set. A circular saw, drill, combination square, hammer, tape measure and screwdrivers. Make sure you invest in the safety equipment required. Usually a playground project will take you about 10-15 hours to build.

Once your playground is fitted, you can relax in knowing that most playground kits follow the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standards.

When your child is playing, remember to keep an on them.

To ensure your child cleans up before he/she returns into the house. Place a water bucket filled with water and some hand wash with a clean towel.

To keep your playground maintained, aim to clean it at least once a week. To ensure that the wooden parts don’t crack and chip, apply a waterproof varnish every two months.