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Home interior decoration is one activity that is very frequently undertaken by households, but little attention is given to the functional value as compared to the aesthetic value while redecorating a house. Everyone wants to make their high traffic areas, like the living rooms, guest rooms, look exceptionally beautiful by using carpets, rugs, wood flooring, etc and in the process they neglect the most important areas like the bedroom, the bathroom and the Kitchen.

Bedroom is like a sanctuary for an individual, and it is of vital importance that the furniture and mattresses in the bedroom provides maximum comfort, along with a beautiful finish to the room. Flooring is an essential element of a bedroom. Beautiful and durable flooring can completely change the landscape of any bedroom. Wood flooring is a good option for a bedroom. It would match perfectly with the wooden beds and other furniture in the bedroom, but proper care and maintenance has to be taken of the flooring to maintain that finish and durability. Other options are laminate flooring and marble flooring. The mattress should be such that it provides maximum rest to the body and ensures a good night sleep.

Kitchen is an essential component of a good home interior décor plan. The color and theme of a kitchen should match with the rest of the house. However there should be a limit to the number of accessories put in a kitchen as they could cause hindrance to the individual working there.

The furniture of a living room should be unique as well as comfortable. The sofa sets, chairs, table etc should match your taste. A bed can also be put in the living room, along with a comfortable mattress to give a more relaxed look to the room. The curtains and the paint on the walls should provide a soothing effect to the eye.

It should be remembered that while looks and aesthetics are important, the main aim of a home interior redecoration program should be to strike a perfect balance between aesthetics and comfort. After all, unless a house offers comfortable living conditions, it would get quite difficult to enjoy the beauty. The maintenance part should also be remembered as well. The furniture, paints, accessories etc used should be durable and easy to maintain. The use of laminate flooring offers an elegant and classy finish, but it requires a lot of maintenance to enhance its durability. Hence other alternatives like laminate or bamboo flooring could be considered.

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