Health Risks Brought by a Broken Air Filter

A lot of problems may rise from having a broken air filter but you just don’t realize it yet. It not only exposes your air conditioner, heater or humidifier to damage; a worn out filter may also make your home conducive to health risks. This is why you should make it a point to replace your filter regularly. Buying a replacement Honeywell air filter can save you hundreds of dollars from repair, while the likes 3m filters help keep your home safe from potential health problems later on.

One of the most common health issues that may come from a worn out air filter is that of colds. Cough and colds are not always caused by a virus, but rather of allergic reactions to dust, pollen and other residue. Inhaling these things may cause consistent coughing and sneezing, while those with breathing problems may suffer from asthma attacks. Another health hazard brought by dirty air filters is mold infection, as toxic molds often thrive in cold, humid areas such as that of air conditioners. Toxic molds can be very deadly, and yet they are difficult to detect as they display the same symptoms as the common cold, or complicate already existing issues such as asthma or tuberculosis, and even promote pneumonia. These molds are easy to remove however, and that is by using a clean air filter at all times.

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