Consider Giving Your Backsplash a Better Look

Every home needs a backsplash to protect its walls from the debris and water that comes off the sink. They serve a very important purpose and for that reason, most people use tile or ceramic and call it a day. But there are other options people can use to help further beautify their home. Consider a backsplash medallion for yours and you’ll soon have visitors admiring a part of your home you never thought they would.

Medallions are typically seen on the floor. Marble floor medallions, for example, have been popular since the Middle Ages. They can still be found in many homes where the marble floor could add with a touch of elegance. Whether the floor is marble, wood or tile, a medallion is always a great fashionable choice.

But you can take this same idea and apply it to your wall. By using tile or marble, you get the same practically effect of protecting your wall, but by designing it as a medallion, you can be rest assured no one is going to pass up the opportunity for a second look.

Generally, medallions are made into geometric shapes as these are the easiest to design. But that still leaves many options and, when you consider all the colors available, you can pull off a beautiful look.


Article submitted by Medallion Depot.  The company sells backsplashes and just about every kind of floor medallion for your floor to give your home a beautiful look that will have your visitors admiring them the entire time.

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