6 Ways to cozy-up your bedroom

Article by Gearup 4 Nature

Winter is a month of snuggling up near a warm fire and enjoying a good book. To cozy up your home and make it winter friendly, here are some tips.

Bedding – Changing your bedding to something with linen, flannel or velvet, will instantly make your room cozy and comfortable for winter. Look at colors like grey, green and yellow to warm up your space.

Comforter – A fluffy comforter is a good addition to a winter bed as it will not only keep you warm, it will add volume to your bed, giving you the feeling of sinking into your bed.

Add a fur throw – Fur is a texture that will add instant coziness to your bedroom. Look at those in warm colors or winter hues that match your interior and look.

Cozy lighting – Soft low lighting will make a huge difference to your space by making your interiors look warmer and less harsh. Look changing your bulbs to 40 watts or less and add lamps that send the light upwards or downwards.

Rugs – If you don’t have carpeted floors a large rug can be a great addition as it will mean that your feet will be warm when walking around your space. Sheepskin options are a great choice as they have the right texture for winter.

A mix of textures – Mixing textures is a smart way to soften your bedroom and make it a lot more inviting. Look at mixing the textures of your rugs, throw pillows and curtains but remain within your color scheme.