5 Things only professional cleaners will know

Article by Biz Site Biz

Cleaning your home is a full-time job, but if you want to make it sparkle and remove unsightly stains with ease, here are some tips that professional cleaners use to clean their spaces.

Drop of olive oil – If your family leaves fingerprints on your fridge that leave you going crazy, drop a little olive oil into water and then buff your fridge. Remove any excess oil with a paper towel and your fridge will be fingerprint free for a lot longer.

White chalk – If you have oil or food stains on your clothes, use a piece of white chalk to rub off the stain and then pop it in the wash. Most often the chalk with absorb the oil, and your clothes will look good as new.

Pull the vacuum cleaner slowly – When vacuuming your carpets remember to move slowly on your carpet to ensure that your vacuum cleaner grabs all the dust and debris from your floors. For hard floors, start with the wand attachment first and then go over the floor with the hard floor attachment.

Steam clean – A steam cleaner is a good investment as it will use no cleaning products to clean surfaces. Apart from sanitizing your space, you will also freshen carpets and curtains for a fraction of the cost of getting them cleaned by a professional.

Cornstarch – Add a teaspoon of cornstarch, a cup of white vinegar and a cup of water in a spray can to clean your This solution will make your windows shine and leave your glass streak free.