Why You Should Choose the CM Series as Your Portable Air Conditioner

Finding a way to cool a tight area, in places such as a server room, can be difficult to achieve without a spot cooler. Portable air conditioners are an alternative to fan coil units and come in a variety of different shapes in sizes. Server rooms need to be air conditioned, or the sensitive components will fry from all the heat produced within the room. Portable air conditioners offer a smart and easy way to keep small spaces cool. Some portable air conditioners sit on the floor and you may not have enough space on the ground to store them. However, there is also a portable a/c model that mounts on to your ceiling. This takes advantage of the vertical space in the room.

The CM series is one of the most up to date ceiling mounted systems on the market. This award-winning line includes the CM12 and the CM25 models. The water-cooled CMW30 is also included in this line. If you were to measure any of the CM series products, they have the shortest vertical height in the industry, giving you the perfect cooling system for locations with limited floor space, including server rooms. This product fits into any kind of drop ceiling, making it one of the most versatile cooling products for your office.

Products like the CM series are not only applicable in office server rooms. Important institutions like health care centers need spot coolers to prevent their computers from shutting down from overheating. It is easy to fit in tight spaces, and it has a price tag that many businesses find affordable.

To get an idea of how spot cooling may be the best solution for your tight space, consider the CM25 model. The water cooled CM25 model has a number of great advantages. It has a 29,400 Btu/h total cooling capacity and a 22,000 Btu/h sensible cooling for computer rooms. It has a wide condenser EWT range between forty-five degrees Fahrenheit, and one hundred fifteen degrees Fahrenheit. This product is environmentally friendly with a 17 IEER variable-speed compressor and an R-410A refrigerant. While it is the largest available of the three spot coolers, it is compact, self-contained and RoHS compliant. Installation of this unit is easy with wall mounted controllers that have advanced programming and settings.
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