What to do when your favorite chair is in bad shape

Written by Carlo Badalamenti

We all have that favorite piece of furniture in our home. To some of us, or a great number as a matter of fact, would have to be the bed. Who doesn’t love their bed right? Many people consider their own beds as the most comfortable place on earth! However, to those of us who consider their chair as their own personal throne, it would be a terrible waste to see it thrown out to the trash when its condition is deteriorating. However, throwing your favorite chair away is not the only option you have. As a matter of fact, refurbishing it would prove to be a very viable option as it would restore your chair to your former glory while you would also be able to save quite a lot of money from it as well. Instead of having to buy a new and expensive chair, you can opt for foam replacement, repairing its upholstery, and even taking out old springs and replacing them with new ones. Doing all this would literally give your favorite chair a new lease on life that would allow it to see more sunrises as well as more winters with you sitting on it with all your glory. Let’s face it, we all are creatures of habit. And if we have a favorite chair, we should do all we can to keep it from obscurity. After all, where then would we sit to read the paper and sip our coffee if not in our favorite chair, right?


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