What Happens During a Home Inspection

When it’s time to buy a home, the home inspection is one of the most important protections you can have as a buyer. The home inspection is a service that looks at all of the potential problems that can crop up after you’ve purchased the home. There are some things the inspector won’t look at, but here is a brief list of what is likely to be checked.


The inspector will usually begin with an exterior inspection of the home. He is likely to find your water main and show you how your gas and water systems work. He will look for exterior electrical outlets, and check that they are wired properly and running proper outlets. He will also inspect the structure for cracks, either in the foundation or on the walls of the home itself (like in the stucco). He may also walk your roof if it is accessible, which most are. He will look for bad shingles, rotting wood and other potential hazards and costly fixes.

What he will not do is provide estimates for these fixes.


The inspector will identify some of the interior systems, and help point out things about your home. For example, he may show you how to clean or access different parts of your fireplace. He may also check infloor heat systems for leaks or offer suggestions on which flooring would be most compatible with the system. He will show you how to find your air conditioning unit, and how to operate it. He’ll also check your attic or basement for potential trouble spots. Insulation is a good example of where things can go wrong. Insulation around ducts can create blockages in air flow, while exposed wiring can prove to be a fire hazard.

HVAC Systems

The HVAC system is another crucial component to your home, and one with both an in and outdoor component. Your inspector will check the unit for debris and dust, then check your ducts for integrity. If your home is outfitted with heated tile flooring, your inspector will be able to tell when the floor was installed and what the lifespan is. Your inspector will also check the air compressor unit, and recommend any potential maintenance that needs to be done.

Final Thoughts

Once the inspection is completed, you’ll receive a detailed report that talks about what the inspector uncovered. Use this report, and its findings, to renegotiate your deal and get the home for a slightly cheaper price.
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