Ways to Use Artificial Grass Inside the Home

Artificial grass is usually an outdoor product. Most homeowners use it to create lush landscapes, such as lawns, gardens, and pool surroundings. But this cost-effective alternative to natural grass landscaping is also being seen used indoors. A growing number of homeowners and apartment dwellers are coming up with fresh ideas on how to use synthetic lawn turf inside their sanctuaries. Need some inspiration? Here are a few ways you can use fake grass inside your home.

Playroom Surface

Soft and forgiving, synthetic turf is a great surface material for playrooms and indoor play structures. Many parents are using fake grass to carpet play rooms inside the home, while some use it to carpet basements turned into recreation rooms that the entire family can enjoy. It’s the perfect surface for play areas because it’s soft and absorbs impact falls. Unlike carpet, it’s easy to clean and resistant to mold and bacteria. To clean up stains, simply use water and wipe down.

Pet Corner

If you’re one of the millions of homeowners who have pets, then you will appreciate this creative way to use fake grass. Many people are using synthetic lawns to create indoor pet corners, or safe areas where your pet can play, relax, and even go to the bathroom during times when you’re not there or unable to let them outside on time. Fake grass is pet-friendly, and stains can be easily cleaned with water and a mild detergent. If you live in an apartment, use fake grass to carpet your patio, a trick that instantly turns a small space into a comfortable place for your pet.


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