Top Ways to Keep Your Sofas and Couches Pet-Resistant

Article by Rich Bitch Itch

Summary: Your furniture can be destroyed in a matter of days when you’re at work. Here are some tips that can solve these pesky pet issues.

Growing up, your dogs might have been able to run and jump all over your couches and sofas. But, new homeowners might have a change of heart and want to keep their dogs away from anything with foam and a cover. The wear and tear that a dog can cause on a sofa can drive anyone crazy. Here are some tips on how you can dog-proof your furniture and protect it from your canine friend.

Purchase Covers to Protect Your Furniture

One of the most low effort ways to protect your furniture is keeping it covered by a plastic cover. However, there are a variety of modern options that’ll help out as well. Try using washable blankets, throws, and slipcovers.

Most dogs have a preferred spot to lay, and often times it’s the couch. Before it becomes faded and scratched up, make sure you cover it nicely with something that’s easy to maintain and wash. For example, if your custom cushion cost you a hefty sum of money, you’ll want to make sure it stays the way it came. Try a blanket or something that’s easy to maintain and wash.

Try to Avoid Wood Furniture

If your dog is prone to chewing on anything and everything he sees, try to avoid wood furniture. Sometimes, little pups will find a chair leg irresistible and gnaw on it to his heart’s content. If you do have wood furniture that you want to keep away from your dog like products from The Foam Factory for example, there are certain products that repel your dog but doesn’t use harsh chemicals, like bitter apple spray. Simply spray it on one of the legs and it will keep your dog from tearing every wood leg up.

Opt for Pet-Friendly Furniture Material

The two most popular choices for pet-proof furniture materials are microfiber and leather. Leather is especially a popular choice because it’s easy to clean, and microfiber is popular due to its durability. If you aren’t looking for new furniture, it’s easier to just use a slip cover as a cheap alternative.

The two most popular choices for pet proof furniture materials are leather and microfiber. Leather is a popular choice because it’s easy to clean, and microfiber is popular due to its durability. If you’re not in the market for new furniture just remember my first tip — anything can be covered with some nice slip covers.

Leather is a great alternative because it’s easy to clean and doesn’t attract hairs from dogs that tend to shed a ton. It’s also more odor resistant than other materials. However, keep in mind that leather can be scratched and ruined easily if it’s not taken care of.

Microfiber is an easy-to-clean material that only requires a damp cloth and doesn’t hold odors as well. Compared to many woven materials, microfiber is actually quite difficult to stain and is designed to repel wetting – although you still have to worry about the occasional hairs sticking to it.

Microfiber furniture is a great choice for pet friendly homes due to it’s durability. Compared to most woven materials, microfiber is difficult to stain and is designed to repel wetting, though pet hair still tends to cling to it.