Top Ways to Incorporate Rattan Into Your Wedding

Summary: Rattan is a convenient and elegant way to transform your wedding into a tropical paradise.

On the day of your wedding, everything needs to be perfect – from the particular details on the wedding cake down to the reception. However, if you’re playing a larger role in the planning committee, it’s time to incorporate rattan into your design. By channeling a natural feel and look, rattan has been growing in popularity throughout the years. While it might seem dated like your grandparents’ old wicker set that’s been sitting there for ages, it can actually provide a pleasant boost to your surroundings.

These laid-back materials can be used for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies that are looking for a more relaxed type of setting as opposed something with a traditional or contemporary setting. It just goes to show that you don’t need the most elegant furniture pieces to make your wedding a memorable one.

Use Them As Backdrops

Rattan cabinets, end tables, and chairs are perfect for backdrops behind a wall of fresh flowers. Since the natural, earthy tone of rattan furniture blends seamlessly with every type of floral or plant-based decoration, you can seamlessly blend them.

Try Out a Rattan Bar

Looking for something different than the norm? A rattan bar cart is perfect for you! With woven shelves and a natural appearance that just screams elegance, serve your guests in style with a decorated wicker bar cart.

Use Wicker Seats for Your Guests

Wicker chairs are another fantastic idea for a wedding. Seat your friends and family in a comfortable and stylish wicker chair that brings an airy feel to any setting – whether it’s an indoor or outdoor wedding.

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