Top Reasons To Contain Your Dog Using Pet Gates

Top Reasons To Contain Your Dog Using Pet Gates

Article by Tina Sherman

As much as you love your pet and treat him as part of your family, there will be instances when you must contain your dog. You can do this by using crates and leashes but these restrict your dog’s movements.

The best way to contain your dog is to install pet gates for your pet and here are the reasons why:

The indoor dog gate keeps your pet those areas in your home that are potentially dangerous to him. For example, he could wander upstairs and fall down from the balcony.Pet gates separate your pet from the baby because your pooch who has been with you first and for a long time might get jealous and try to bite your baby.Crates or wire cages isolate dogs and restrict their movements. If this goes on for long, your dog might develop undesirable habits such as excessive barking and biting.

On the contrary, with pet gates, your dog can move freely and can play with his toys for as long as he likes without feeling cramped in small enclosures.

To contain your dog using pet gates are useful when you want to teach your dog obedience lessons because it takes advantage of their natural instinct of being in a den.Puppies are curious about their surroundings and will always try to follow their noses. If he reaches for your comfort room, he might manage to drink water from the bowl or worse flush himself and drown.Contain your dog in his pen when you are expecting guests who are not into dogs and are not comfortable with all the sniffing going on. This way your dog still sees what goes on but a safe distance.Dog gates are better for dogs especially if you leave him for longer time intervals as opposed to crating your pooch because they have been known to cause dogs to become irritable and agitated because of very limited space to move. If your dog stays outside, the pet gate serves as a barrier so that stray animals who may carry certain diseases do not come in close contact with your animal.Tall pet gates prevent your large dog from jumping over the fence and unleash their might over the furniture. These gates are sturdy and were made to withstand the body strength and the strong bites of your big pet.They are designed to match your interiors therefore they are great additions to an already beautiful home interior design because they will complement your wall or existing home accessory.If you let your pet stay outside the house, pet gates will keep him away from your garden to attack your plants.Free standing gates are also available for your convenience. These type of gates can easily be installed, you can just put them on the specif location without screws or pressure to mount them; they are good for small pets.

These reasons make it easier to contain your dog minus him developing excessive barking and biting or nipping habits which are undesirable dog behavior.

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