Three home air conditioning options

When you existing system comes up for replacement, there are several candidates when it comes to home air-conditioning. There are three options below, although the final requirement might mean one or a combination.

Ductless mini-split

Consisting of an evaporator and a condensing unit, the ductless split-type works efficiently covering large capacity rooms with no noise production. An added advantage is the ability to heat up houses during winter. However, it requires experienced technicians for installation. Also, they are a lot more expensive than window units.

Central air conditioning

With this system, all the components are located outside expect the circulation fan. Well known for its efficiency, experts recommend the central air conditioning system for entire homes and larger installations. The primary advantages are coverage, economy, and a complete and utter lack of noise.

Window air conditioner

Window air conditioners are installed in places that lack a central air conditioning system or cannot incorporate a split system. The window air conditioner has been designed to fit any window from the single hung window to the double hung. The window air conditioner is relatively affordable and accessible to install. No professional experience is required to make it fully operational. However, the limiting factor is that you cannot cool areas larger than mid-sized rooms. It is also noisy and blocks the view from the outside.

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