The New Sartorial Standard in Bedclothes: Why Comforters are So Last Year

Written by: Bedding Style

Summary: Choosing bedding is the last bit of style for a college dorm room.

The College dorm is primed for a 21st century Renaissance. The fashion conscious freshmen are strolling store aisles with their parents, hoping to pick out the perfect combination of lamps, shower caddies, and rugs to suit the next phase of their lives. However, one choice looms over all others: bedding.

For most students, the bed will dominate their living space. It’s a place to rest, but also probably the only seating option when inviting potential friends over to study or play games. The ever-present sheet-and-comforter kit dominates the landscape during back-to-school season. Rising freshman pace the aisles, perusing patterns, trying to find the perfect fit for the person they hope to be. However, in the blink of an eye, freshmen become sophomores, juniors, and seniors. What once suited them has grown stale, and endured a year’s worth of late-night pizza orders, so purchasing new Tommy Bahama bedding might be something worth waiting until closer to graduation for.

Because the pattern is stitched right into the down, comforters lack customizability and quickly become outdated. Abroad, duvets and duvet covers are the standard for cleanliness and decor. The comfort of a well-made duvet combined with the versatility of being able to change the color, pattern, and texture frees the consumer to decorate their home as they wish, reflecting how they change and mature. Students crave the freedom to continually re-invent themselves and cultivate a comfortable living space that reflects them, and duvets and duvet covers could be the answer to their prayers.

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