Refinishing a Wood Door

By ETO Doors

Doors are very susceptible to the elements. Rain, wind and snow can take their tool on even brand new doors within a few years time. If you don’t want to replace your door frequently, you will need to refinish it. Wooden doors are also typically a higher quality than mass-produced doors made of metal or fiberglass. Here are steps you can take to refinish an aging door.

First, remove the door from the hinges and set it onto a padded saw horse. You will need a nice space to work with, where you can move around the door. You will need a random-orbit sander with sandpaper that is near 80-grit.

You will also need a razor sharp scraper, which you will use to strip the flakey paint and splinters of wood from hard-to-reach places the sander cannot get to. Set the scraper into the crevice, then pull it towards you to scrape the grain properly. You may need a different shaped scraper so that you reach the wood without scuffing the moulding on the door. You can fold a sheet of sand paper into thirds, and use that to sand down the edges that you cut.

Give the door a thorough vacuuming, and brush it with a silk or hair bristled brush.

Apply some sealer to the door to help protect against the elements. Do this while the door is on the saw horses or you will mess up the coat of sealer. The last step involves applying a coat of finish to the door to get the color that you want. Start by soaking your brush in the finisher, then use short and even strokes to apply the finish to the door. Paint is a practical choice for finishing, but varnish stands up better to the sun. You might want to re-sand the finishing coat, but do so gently. When you’re finished, re-hang the door.


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