Reasons to Use Portable Air Conditioning in the Home

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When we think about cooling a home, we typically think about full HVAC systems that service the entire house. The reality is that we don’t spend all of our time in every bedroom, so all of that cooling is really not benefitting us around the clock. While there are certainly advantages to a central air system, like a regulated temperature in the home, a portable room air conditioner can fill several niches around the house that make it worth your while to invest in one.


When you have more than one computer in a room, or even a computer that runs heavy-duty hardware, you tend to have a lot of residual heat buildup. A computer cooling system, augmented with portable air conditioning, can easily handle any heat that may accumulate and stop your system from shutting down. This is particularly useful in homes that run a server, like a media server, where around the clock use could lead to shut downs. Just keeping the room at a cool ambient temperature is usually enough, but HVAC units would work harder to produce the same level of cooling that a portable unit can produce.

Spot Cooling a Bedroom

The temperature of your bedroom greatly affects your sleep cycle. IF your room isn’t cooled to somewhere around 65-75 degrees, your body might not have an equalized temperature at night. As you sleep, your body tries to find a comfortable temperature to match the room. Bedding can help warm you up, but if heat is the problem then a portable unit could cool one room instead of every room in the house. Plus, the room stays cooler for longer.

Save Money

When you use a central air conditioning system, you cool your entire house. Even if you’re not using the rooms receiving the cooling. That extra drain on power adds to your bill. Spot cooling a room has the added benefit of saving you money, but its use is very niche. You won’t be able to cool the entire home throughout the day. The plus side is that you can bring the unit with you, so you can keep at least one room cool throughout your day.


A portable unit is perfect for lots of industrial applications, like data center cooling, but easily finds a place in the home as well. You can use it to save money on your power bill, or to cool specific applications around the house. It should not replace your HVAC, but you will find plenty of ways to utilize spot cooling around the house.

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