Portable vs. Non-Portable Air Conditioning

Article written by Movincool

These days, with global warming becoming a pressing issue, temperatures tend to get extremely high during the summer, especially for areas closer to the equator or desert areas. It is during these times that we struggle with the problem with keeping ourselves cool and preventing us from getting heat strokes. There’s always the normal solution of drinking a lot of water or staying in the shade, but sometimes, even the shaded part of your home are not cool enough. Others frequent malls more during that season but that could lead to some unwanted spending. The more popular solution is air conditioners in our homes.

Non-portable air conditioners

Most of us own non-portable air-conditioners that are usually mounted in our walls or in the ceiling. Some of us have the standing air conditioners that stay in the corner. This is a viable solution although it is less efficient. Since it is stationary, it takes longer to cool the whole room. Which leads to more time feeling warm and more energy wasted.

Portable Cooling

Portable cooling, on the other hand is another option that may be more efficient that non-portable cooling. Since you are able to move the unit, you can do spot cooling to dissipate heat and start cooling the parts of the room that remain warm. This eliminates cool and hot spots in the room leading to more efficient energy usage! Doesn’t seem like much? Try it out! There are a lot of providers for rental portable air conditioner.

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