Portable and fixed air conditioners distinguished

Written by MovinCool

Most people are unaware that air conditioning units actually come in different types and sizes. For starters, did you know that there are actually Portable cooling as well as fixed air conditioning units? The difference here, as you might have pointed out, is that one is permanently fixed on a wall or window; while the other, as its name suggests, is designed to be moved from one place to another. On a practical note, air conditioning units that are portable in nature serves as an advantage in such a way that if you have events in different locations, you can use rental portable air conditioners so you can help make your guests feel comfortable despite holding an event in a tent, or someplace wherein it would not be feasible nor practical to install fixed air conditioning units on a temporary basis. To add another distinction between the two, a portable air conditioner is an ideal climate control solution when you’re looking to transfer it from one room to another, or move it to different addresses. When comparing prices between the portable and fixed units, you’ll find that they are actually quite similarly priced. Their power as well as their ability to cool air, are quite similar too. In other words, their biggest distinction is that a portable unit is easier to transport, set up, and operate from one place to another. You don’t need to worry about installing hoses, punching holes, or mounting these on a wall or window.


There really is nothing that can beat a perfectly functioning air conditioner on a warm day. You don’t even have to smash a hole through your wall; you can get yourself a portable ac!

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