New Ideas For Designing Interiors

New Ideas For Designing Interiors

Article by Nathan Wolpind

Some people get paid handsome sums of money for their interior design ideas. Though some may actually have special artistic and intellectual abilities, others can just be extremely observant and systematic. Design ideas can be found everywhere if you just take the time to be aware of your surroundings. The main challenge is how to incorporate those ideas into a specific project. This will take some practice but as they say, practice makes perfect. With enough perseverance you too can develop this valuable skill that can earn you the big bucks later on.

In most cases, inspiration stems from ones environment. If you are attentive to the things around you, it can be easy to derive new ways of looking at them. This includes living in the moment and letting yourself feel every sensation whether it is the sound of raindrops falling on your umbrella or the sound of leaves ruffling through the breeze. You can then use this as a basis to set a mood in a room or home. The interiors of a favorite restaurant can also be a place to pick up designs that you can apply to your dining room and kitchen.

Nature provides some of the best motivations for new and unique design ideas. I know of some who based the theme and colors of their home after specific flowers. A woman eating at her favorite restaurant loved the lily-theme that when she had her house built, the interiors and decors she used were based on the basic colors of the lily. She even had a specially made stained glass panel patterned after it and which serves as the focal point of her home. There are also others who love nature that she has benches that are actually oddly shaped tree trunks. Keeping an open mind can allow a free flow of creativity. Just be careful to experiment in inconspicuous places of your home first. Even the specialists try in small scale before actual implementation.

You can do away with costly professional fees just by using the resources you already have. Your sense of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. Since a design is usually meant to stir some emotion, or calm it, being in tune with your senses can be a great advantage in coming up with interesting motifs. Even better would be to take all those elements and combine them to produce a totally original approach to the word ambiance.

With a little imagination, you are sure to come across things that will catch your eye and you may want to incorporate in your own design. There are tons of ideas out there just waiting to be uncovered.

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