Keeping Your Home Safe from a Burglary

Keep your family safe from intruders by taking the proper precautionary steps possible. Here are some ideas that will benefit you and your family when it comes to a potential home invasion.

Check Your Door’s LockKeeping-Your-Home-Safe-from-a-Burglary

Can your door’s lock prevent intruders from kicking it in? Most of the time, burglars will bypass picking your lock and just use brute force to barge in. If your lock doesn’t look or feel secure enough, then you should consider replacing them with a solid deadbolt lock. These types of locks prevent intruders from kicking in the door by fully extending itself into the opening of the door jamb. Reinforcing it with a secondary metal plate will also help secure your wood front doors even more.


Sensor Lights

Motion-activated sensor lights are perfect to scare away intruders in the middle of the night. By shining a bright light near your entrance, the burglar will be in plain sight when they’re fiddling with your door, which will make them think twice about entering your home. If you have a backyard that can be accessed, be sure to install a couple lights there as well. At times, if a burglar can’t get in the front of your home, they’ll try hopping into the backyard to see if they can get in easier.

Hollow Doors

Hollow doors can be easily broken in. To see if your door is hollow, knock on it and see what type of sound it makes. If you hear somewhat of an echo and empty void in the wooden interior, then you might want to swap out that door for a stronger one. Steel doors are one of the most secure types of doors if you want maximum protection.