Keeping Your Bedding Clean

Bedding is an expensive accent for the bedroom that can keep for many years with proper maintenance. Duvets, quilts and other pieces that add color and style to the bedroom require care to protect your investment. Normal wear, including how you store and wash your fabrics, can quickly lead to the decline of even Tommy Hilfiger bedding. Use these tips to protect the fabrics.

Prevent Dye Bleeding

Repeated washings can cause dyes in your bedding to bleed and discolor other parts of your bedding. Using a simple cleaner found in supermarkets, you can stop the bleeding and maintain the integrity of your fabrics. You need to combine washing soda and water for this tip to work. Mix washing soda and water in a bathtub and soak the quilt in your bathtub for about two hours. Rinse the quilt thoroughly with water, and lay it flat to dry.

Wash Bedding Safely

Your washing machine can actually damage your quilt over time, causing small rips in the fabric or the stitching. Once your insulation starts leaking out of the quilt, it can be difficult to repair the damage. Try the wash-less approach instead! Vacuum any loose dust, dirt or other particles. If your vacuum has a small brush attachment, use that to lift smaller particles from the fabric. Without a brush, try panty hose or cheese cloth.

Restore Bedding Color

Fabrics fade over time, but you can restore some of the color to your bedding with a simple mixture of sodium perborate and water. Sodium perborate is a very mild bleaching chemical that will penetrate fabrics gently, lifting dirt and leaving color. You can find this chemical at your local pharmacy, but you should not need a prescription to purchase it. Be forewarned that you only need a small concentration of sodium perborate to achieve the desired effect.

Store Bedding

Storage of bedding is another crucial step in keeping your fabrics clean and healthy. The temperature and duration at which you store your fabrics will determine how long they last. The best thing you can do is store fabrics loosely in white, king-size pillow cases. This includes bedding sets in queen or king sizes. Storage in a plastic bag allows moisture to build up over time, leaving bedding susceptible to mold and mildew. Storing bedding in other colored fabrics is also a hazard, as the colors may rub off on your lighter colored sheets.
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