Inspirational Interior Design Ideas to Transform Your Home

Inspirational Interior Design Ideas to Transform Your Home

Article by Terry Henman

Take inspiration for interior design styles from everywhere you go! Staying in hotels is a great way to get some fantastic home interior styles, remember that the hotel paid for a designer to create their unique look, but you can use the room layouts, soft furnishings and colours to inspire your home particularly for bedrooms, bathrooms and informal seating areas!

You can also use their design ideas to decide what you don’t want as well! Each time you walk into a hotel bedroom your immediate reaction is the one to go by. If you say ‘wow’ then look around at the colours and layouts that gave you that reaction. Equally if your heart sinks when you walk into a room, make a mental note of the aspects you didn’t like! You should also remember that the higher the star rating the more likely the room is going to give you a ‘wow’ factor!

If you don’t have the opportunity to spend time at hotels a great alternative is to browse online at the wonderful blogs and websites which are dedicated to interior design. Your home may not have enormous rooms but you can take inspiration and find some great ideas!

Hotels and interior design journals are rarely seen with vases of flowers, as the add both charm and decadence to a room. The vases are also worth taking note of as they can become a focal point in your living area and always provide a fresh look.

The décor colour is always a great starting point! White or neutral soft tones are a great way to make rooms appear larger. Dark rich tones provide a warm and cosy feeling which is also ideal for giving depth to a room and can create a more sensuous atmosphere.

Some wonderful wall art may also inspire you. Look along hotel corridors as well as in the public places and while their wall art may be far too large for your home the styles provide a great opportunity for inspiration!Look at the window treatments, many older style hotels have luxurious full length drape curtains complete with fabric covered pelmets. Modern hotels often use blinds in conjunction with medium weight curtains to provide both a chic style and reduce light. On the continent natural wood blinds and shutters are used to help keep rooms cool.

The bedside table lamps can also inspire and quite often are coordinated with large table lamps to bring cohesion and a sense of balance to the room. Subdued lighting effects are ideal in bedrooms as the induce a feeling of relaxation, calm and serenity.

Choose bases and shades which reflect your interior design style. Opt for beautiful glass which will suit both traditional and modern homes and shades in white or cream to coordinate effortlessly with your soft furnishings.

These ideas may help you create a home which has style and comfort and may just inspire you to change the colour scheme or replace window dressings to bring a new and fresh feel to your home!

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