How to Steer Clear of Remodeling Hazards

Whether your home renovation project is kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling, there are hidden dangers that need to be avoided. Taking simple precautions can alleviate most of these concerns, so basic self-education in the remodeling process should be highly valued.

Lead in the Paint

Older homes tend to be full of lead paint that can be a particular risk to your children if airborne. Remodeling creates a lot of dust around the rest of your home. If this dust is full of lead it could make your family ill. Homes older than 1978 are considered at risk for lead in their structure. While removing old paint for a basement finishing project, test the material for lead.

Cancerous Asbestos

Asbestos is a mineral that was used in everything up until the 1980s. Asbestos is known to cause cancer in the mesothelium, the tissue that separates the lungs from the digestive tissues. Mesothelioma is particularly fatal because it can easily spread to vital organs, versus a cancer in the skin for example. Asbestos is toxic when airborne and poses a serious health risk to homeowners taking on renovation projects.

Mold in the Walls

Mold spores in damp homes can be a serious risk if efforts to control it during demolition are not taken. When walls are opened that contain mold, it’s a serious health risk to infants and the elderly. Black mold grows in dark, moist locations, which means older homes in wet climates are more susceptible.

Defense Against Poisonous Particles

To prevent dust from accumulating in other parts of your home, isolate the area. Seal any ducts and doors to the location to be renovated.  Remove furniture from the area so poisonous particles do not get embedded inside your furniture. If you can remove a furniture item, cover it with a plastic tarp. To test for these pollutants, you should hire a professional. DIY projects can save money, but hiring a professional contractor with good reviews can help you prevent dangerous particles from saturating your air.

Fire Hazards

The home is full of overseen fire hazards. If you are remodeling can either increase or decrease your home’s safety against fires depending on the design. Hire a contractor with a valid permit, or you may not be able to collect on a claim submitted to your fire insurance company.

Fire Prevention

Check the wiring in your home as you demolish the walls. Poor electrical wiring causes 50,000 home fires every year and about $1.5 billion in property damage. Accidently driving a nail or screw into wiring hidden behind your wall can expose it to heat and start a fire. Circuit breakers with arc-fault interrupters can safe guard your home against potential fires.


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