How to Mount a Picture Frame Properly

Written by: Toolsmith Direct

If you want to mount your picture frame, you can just hammer a nail into the wall and be done with it. Of course, the frame may fall at random some day because you didn’t nail into the stud. The frame might also be crooked, or you could damage the wall if you’re not striking the stud directly. Hanging a frame properly isn’t a job likely to take all day, but you do have to be thorough in your work. Gather your Kawasaki power tools and use these tips to mount a frame properly.

Equipment You Will Need

You will need a cordless drill, as well as a straight edge. It’s a good idea to keep a tape measure handy, and an electronic stud finder will be more reliable than knocking on the walls when it comes to finding studs. Hardware to actually hang  the frame consists of screws and wiring. Lastly, a level will help you get the frame straight against the wall.

Measure the Position

Your frame should be at about eye level, but that depends on the height of your walls. For higher walls, it’s expected to hang your frame maybe a foot higher than you normally would. You’ll need to find the place you plan to hang your frame, then use a tape measure and a straight edge to mark the wall. Make this marking in pencil so it is easy to remove. Next, take a stud finder and glide it along the wall until you find your studs. If you’re hanging a frame by wire, you will only need one stud but you may need more than one if you are not.  Mark your stud with a pencil, then prepare your supplies.

Hanging the Frame

Make sure your Kawasaki drill battery is charged with a test rev, and then grab a starter bit. Bore a small hole into the wall, then follow up with the screw. Leave just about a quarter of an inch protruding from the wall, slightly less if you can manage. Then hold the wire in your finger as you gently drape it over the screw. Carefully let the frame hang until the wire is taut and the wall is supporting the frame. Finally, take your level and use it to balance the frame so that the bubble is in the center of the level.

Hanging frames isn’t hard, but it’s easy to get lazy with it. Hanging your frames properly will make them look attractive to guests, present them prominently and keep your walls safe from unintended harm brought on by excess weight.

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